PRESS RELEASE: BFXenon Headlight Kit Price Reduction

Posted by Glenn on 9/27/2016 to LED Headlights
Simi Valley, CA – BFXenon, an e-commerce company selling premium headlight kits, bulbs, and portable jump starters, is pleased to announce a significant price reduction in their products. 

The e-commerce company decided to lower the prices due to a decrease in raw material costs, economies of scale, competitive alignment with the industry, and the corporate mission to offer an unbeatable value in the industry.  

The BFXenon CEO has assured customers that, “Even with the lowered prices, the quality of the materials remain of the highest quality, and the guarantee for lifetime warranty is secured.” 

Due to this price reduction and increased demand, you may experience a delay in your order especially if you order from Amazon. We are working diligently to adjust to the growing demand and apologize for any inconvenience. 

BFXenon sells high-quality headlight kits for car owners and drivers, ensuring safety and efficiency on the road. 

Price and Quality

Cars are easily customizable. Many drivers and enthusiasts choose to decorate their cars using decals or different colored lights to stand out. You will find some simple styling, while some other prefer flashy ones.  Thus, they spend a lot on how they want their cars to look. 

It is unavoidable. Also, some modifications are pricier than others with headlights being one of the more expensive parts to customize. 

Whether you are only upgrading your headlights to get better visibility or installing it for the show, there is a wide range and some that cost more. 

Are they worth it?

For most, it is worth it. Everyone who has installed a replacement or upgraded headlights find their new HID or LED helpful during their drives. They also note its lifespan, as compared to halogen or their stock headlights. 

What makes LED and HID headlights expensive?

Simply put, for BFXenon it’s in the materials since we only use professional grade components. Due to an advancement of technology in headlight systems, e-commerce shops or companies include new components that would ensure effectiveness and longevity. 

Organizations want to continue improving for its customers or target audience. Thus, they include materials that would benefit their consumers in the long run. 

Why should you NOT settle on cheap headlights?

Imagine buying cheap headphones. Use it, and you think ‘oh, the quality is so-so.' A few weeks later, one of the speakers doesn’t work anymore. Then you go to the same store, buy the same kind of headphones. Repeat the cycle. 

That’s what usually happens when you buy cheap headlights. Sure, your budget matches their price. Still, consider the long-term cost. High-quality headlights, and especially those with lifetime warranty, are less expensive in the long run. 

We advise you to look for brands that offer lifetime warranty guarantee, as this would help you whenever you need replacements. 

If you are looking for high-quality headlights that are worth your money, you could check out BFXenon’s HID and LED headlight offers. 



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