We opened our doors in 2008 and have competed with one other company for the highest quality lights in the industry. Along with our competitor we've also been the most expensive in the industry. This allowed us to drive innovation and provide the most technically advanced headlights at the highest quality. We only use the very best materials and never cut corners because we believe your safety relies on the performance of our headlights.

Due to reduction in raw materials, efficiencies in manufacturing and economies of scale we were able to make a bold move recently and dropped our prices by about 40%. We did this to gain market share for our shareholders and provide the best value in the industry to our customers. Be assured the quality of our products continue to lead the industry and our lifetime warranty is our guarantee of the quality. With this reduction we're crushing our competitor and providing the best value in the industry without a doubt. You can now afford the best lights in the industry and no longer have to settle for cheap knock offs and imitations that put your safety at risk.

Now that our LED headlights are less than what our HID headlights were just a few short months ago we've seen a trend toward LED sales. At the risk of sounding like a sales pitch, who can blame them since LEDs are easier to install, have less issues and last longer they have become wildly popular. Due to this overwhelming demand there may be a slight delay in your order and ask for your patience as we work on adjusting to the increased volume

Where to buy headlights?

Here at BFXenon, you will find the best LED and HID conversion kits. BFXenon was founded in 2008 and have been manufacturing and selling premium HID and LED Headlight Kits and Jump Starters. All of our products are made of quality materials that ensure longevity and efficiency. All of our technology is updated and we are always improving them.

You will find a selection of headlights for cars. You can also find your headlight replacements right here on our website. We carry LED and HID headlight bulbs for any year, model, and make. From there we can help you purchase the HID or LED headlight kits. Learn more about what makes our headlights different from the rest.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) is a lighting system present in most electronics. As compared to HID and halogen it lasts longer than those two and are very efficient. In BFXenon all the LED headlights adopted a fanless and full-sealed design that is water and dust proof. The headlights are convenient to use due to its high temperature protection system. As compared to other LED headlights in the market is three times longer than most brands.

The e-commerce company decided to lower the prices due to a decrease in raw material costs, economies of scale, competitive alignment with the industry, and the corporate mission to offer an unbeatable value in the industry. The BFXenon CEO has assured customers that, “Even with the lowered prices, the quality of the materials remain of the highest quality, and the guarantee for lifetime warranty is secured.”

Due to this price reduction and increased demand, you may experience a delay in your order especially if you order from Amazon. We are working diligently to adjust to the growing demand and apologize for any inconvenience. BFXenon sells high-quality headlight kits for car owners and drivers, ensuring safety and efficiency on the road.

HID (High Intensity Discharge) alternatively Xenon emit brighter light as compared to halogen. Once called the future of headlights, HID is still in the market as it continually improves. An HID requires a ballast for it to work. Our HID technology is up-to-date, and the bulbs guarantee no fading in the long run.

Both of these lighting systems are on our website, when you’re ready to switch from your halogen headlights to something better. Our HID headlights illuminate 3,800 Lumens. Meanwhile our LED headlight bulbs are 3,500 lumens (which is the highest achievable lumens possible). For those wanting the absolute brightest you’ll need to select HID. LEDs have an output limit of 3,500 so don’t believe anyone who tells you differently.

It will depend on the make, year, and model of your car. The lights are the same only the base of the bulb is different to fit the specific lens in your car. Which headlights would you recommend for my vehicle? That’s a great question and here’s how I would answer that… As a rule I would definitely recommend LED headlights (ours not others and absolutely never one with a fan or moving parts) because they are simpler to install and last longer.

The exceptions to the rule would be
1) H1 and H3 bulb sizes are two small for LED so you’ll need HID,
2) you need or want the extra 300 lumens of brightness you get with HID and
3) if you’re in a climate with lots of snowing you may want HID because they will warm the headlight and melt the snow unlike LED and you’ll need to brush the snow off your headlights.