HID Headlights

High Intensity Discharge (HID) or xenon headlights was once called the future of headlights. Presently, these headlights are considered as an alternative to stock or with Halogen.

One of its many advantages is its brightness. Approximately, the highest Lumen output HID headlights have is 3,000 Lumens. The range may even go from up to 5,000 Lumens. It uses a white light. Now, that’s bright.

Aside from its bright white light, the color lasts longer and it dims and yellows less over time.

Its efficiency is incomparable as compared to Halogen. For it to work, it requires lesser power.  One unique feature of the HID headlights is the ballasts. These ballasts power the HID headlights, without them, they are ineffective.

Aside from it being more efficient and brighter than Halogen, HID conversion kits are more affordable than others. As such, it might be a better alternative for those who would prefer brighter headlights, without worrying about cost too much.

HID headlights are available everywhere on the market. What is the BFXenon difference?

Simple. Updated and advanced technology installed on the headlights and ballasts.

Our HID headlight kits have a Lumen output of 3,800 Lumens. With headlights that bright, you are able to respond better on any obstructions on the road.

It has a circuit protection technology equipped on the headlights. This prevents any power leakage that would result in the damage of the car’s computer system and wiper blade motors.

Our ballasts have a State-of-the-Art Technology HYLUX ASIC Chip. This is the ONLY ballast in the industry that has the German chip on the ballast, which lessens the incidence of light failure on the HID headlights. HID headlights are prone to failure due to ballasts, and with the HYLUX ASIC Chip, the ballasts can last longer.

The window HYLUX ASIC Chip is transparent, allowing you to see all the materials inside the ballasts. Do not settle for ballasts that will not allow you to show all the components.  

In addition to that, the ballasts have 30% less components inside. This could reduce breakdowns as with other ballasts. The exterior can dissipate heat, and the case is 100% shock, water, and dustproof!

Additional features of BFXenon’s HID headlights

  • CANBUS – alerting you the issue with the headlights

  • Error Code Elimination and Anti Flickering Technology

  • Recoil Reverse Power Protection – keeping your car’s computer and blade motors in working condition

  • Cold detect start system

  • Loop/Impedance Power Matching System

  • CE ROHS E4 and IOS-9001:2000 Approved

  • Anti-electromagnetic interference system (S95/54/EC) – keeping interference from your radio systems unlike other HID brands or systems

  • Color temperatures are also available inside the kit to create a signature look for your car

What should you expect inside your BFXenon HID headlight kit?

  • Two commercial grade quartz xenon gas bulbs

  • Two 35-watt AC all-digital slim ballasts

  • An installation manual

  • A warranty card

  • Wiring harness (for Bi-Xenon conversion kits)

We ensure that all of our headlights are made with high quality materials to ensure safety. All of our headlights also have a lifetime warranty guarantee.