LED Headlights

Light Emitting Diodes or LED are semi-conductor diodes commonly used in lighting. LED is mostly found in the household and gaining more interest in the headlight sector. The demand for LED headlights is increasing. Among other headlight systems, LED has proven to become a contender as its technology is advanced.

One of the many features of LED is its quick start technology. Another great aspect of the LED is its versatility. The bulbs can be then designed in a different way. The best detail with LED is its energy efficient quality.

The LED is known to produce more light than heat, thus when in use does not heat up on the surface itself. Compared to the other lighting systems, LED has longer life with a span of around 15,000 to 30,000 hours according to several brands.

Study shows that glare-free LEDs improves response times of the drivers. In addition, the direction of the light is advantageous as it has less diffusion.
Thus, many switched to LED headlights and customizing their cars with newer, brighter, and more energy-efficient headlights.

You can find different LED headlight conversion kits in the market. How is BFXenon’s LED headlight differ from the rest? We pride ourselves in the new technology we use and the high quality components we install to ensure safety.

BFXenon LED headlights have a Heat Dissipation Technology.

Innovative heat dissipation design, adopting the design of air convection, each radiator gap has been calculated rigorously by heat transfer coefficient, which can maximize the contact with air, formed with the convection, to achieve the purpose of good heat dissipation. By rigorous heat dissipation, the radiating surface could reach up to 330681 mm to provide sufficient cooling for LED.
The integration of alloy design and adopting the brand-new Micro Heat Pipe Technology, to protect the light source and prolong the lifespan. Adopting American standard code A380 aluminum alloy material, which has higher copper content. It is better for thermal conductivity.
Technology of thermal conductivity
Adopting the brand-new Micro heat pipe technology, the coefficient of thermal conductivity is 20000 w/mK, which is 50 times of copper (401 W/mK), 100 times of aluminum (220 w/mK). With extreme heat conduction efficiency to transfer the heat of light source to the radiator, to protect the light source and prolong the life-span.
With the Micro Heat Pipe Technology, having adopted a fanless design, it is dustproof and waterproof, and reduces the incidence of overheating due to fan failure.

Aside from LED’s superior lighting, BFXenon has improved it further on the road, as done through actual environmental testing one is able to see 300m away. In addition, the central light is stronger and brighter than with other brands or lighting systems.

What should one expect inside the LED BFXenon headlight kit?
There are two commercial grade bulbs, an installation manual, and a warranty card.

The BFXenon LED headlight system has also a Plug-N-Play scheme, which could be easily installed 15 minutes.

Other features of the LED headlight kit:
CANBUS, Error Code Elimination, and Anti-Flickering Technology
Recoil Reverse Power Protection & Reverse Polarity Protection
Anti-Electromagnetic Interference System (S95/54/EC), which will reduce the interference with radio
All our headlight kits have a lifetime warranty guarantee!